Rev George Neighbour (Photo Gallery)

by probinson @, S. Oxon, Tuesday, March 19, 2019, 15:46 (123 days ago) @ Friendly_Neighbour

I did manage to get to the Chapel today and took some pictures. Here's a small one but a HiRes one can be downloaded from (DELETED. Contact me if you want a HiRes version)


Seems someone got there before me as the turf around the bottom of the stone had been removed to expose the full inscription and put loosely back. Must have been done recently. I made use of the previous persons endeavour and moved the loose turf out of the way for my pictures. I did put it back - rather more firmly than it was before.

Here's the full inscription:

In Loving Memory of
Amelia S, Neighbour.
Beloved wife of the Rev George.F.Neighbour
who died on the 27th February 1937. In her 75th
year. And also of the Rev George.F.Neighbour
pastor of this Church for 8 years,
who died on the 6th June 1937. In his 75th year.
Grant us thy truth to make us free, and kindling hearts that burn for
thee, till all thy living altars claim one Holy Light one Heavenly flame.
Blessed are the dead that in the Lord are sleeping.
Grave! Where is thy sting?


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