Tracing my Grandfather Henry Thomas Williams of Ross On Wye (General)

by Bootroom, Monday, October 21, 2019, 12:32 (222 days ago) @ Bootroom

Hi Mike
Back on the trail to see if I can establish the existence of whether or not my Great Aunt Ester ( Esther ) did have any children, married etc or what became of her ( prompted by the Country File on Sunday showing the Forest of Dean - looks beautiful, I must visit ! )
I found a reference that showed the death of one possibility in 1975 in Dafydd ?
The Ancestry records ask if I seek Sarah Esther Annie Williams born 04/1895 but I have no way of tying that name to extend it to Sarah.
Any way I can seek any further record of what happened to Esther or Sarah ( On my Grandfathers Sea Service record which I obtained, the archivist considered that there was an error in stating that his Mother was N O K as she was dead by then.
Any help gratefully received

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