Worgan & ROBERTS household, Clearwell, 1939 Register (General)

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It's taken a while as the FindMyPast website keeps stalling, presumably due to heavy demand at the start of this free access period, but no complaints as it's search engine worked perfectly and it's all free haha !

Here's the full 1939 Register entry for the above household.
I've also downloaded the image of the Register page and will happily email it to anyone who asks.

Worgan household, No 3 Temperance Cottages, Clearwell, West Dean R.D.

First name(s) Last name(s) DOB Sex Occupation Marital status Schedule Schedule Sub Number
William Worgan 18 Feb 1881 Male Part Time Blacksmith Married 19 1
Agnes Worgan 27 Jun 1876 Female Unpaid Household Duties Married 19 2
Richard Roberts 26 Jun 1874 Male Cripple (Incapacitated) Single 19 3
Kenneth Roberts 08 Mar 1919 Male Builders Labourer - 19 4

(No added notes or info in margins etc)

Their neighbours are;

Arthur & Winifred Baker & family, the Stores, Lower Clearwell,
No 1 Temperance Cottages, Frank & Emily Rosser & family,
No 2 T.C., Record is "closed", but is clearly just the one person.
No 4 T.C., James & Alice Powell & son Edward.
Frederick & Sarah Jane Jones & family, Stark Farm.

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