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Had a quick look - (these BRIGHT's seem to own a lot of land)

The Marriage Bond for James BRIGHT - 12 April 1760 to Jane SANSUM

Witness 1 : Josiah BRIGHT a Yeoman of Longhope

(witnesses: Robert HOOPER and William GRINDON)


Josiah BRIGHT, Yeoman of Longhope (also married by Licence & Bond)

29 Otober 1759

to Sarah MOTTLEY

Witness 1: Thomas BRIGHT a Yeoman of HUNTLEY

On the actual marriage of Joseph BRIGHT to Sarah MOTLEY - witnesses: William GRINDON and Thomas SUFFE


Then you have, Marriage Licence for James MOTTLEY of Ruardean, yeoman and Mary BRIGHT of Longhope : 1759


Farmers making sure sons/daughters marry into farming families etc. (so land is kept in families etc)


Checking all the BRIGHT marriage by Licence could help form family groups...


Bristory History on Line

Longhope | British History Olnline

The farmer Thomas BRIGHT, one of the resident manorial baliffs in the mid 17th century, was reputed to be well over 110 years old at his death in 1708.


If you use the Advance Search for witness' names - this always yields clues (The availability to search for witnesses is a very useful tool)

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