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This message is to provide an update (for the benefit of any future researchers) to my four year search for evidence to prove the William and James Toomey mentioned were actually brothers ,despite William Toomey giving his home Parish as 'Westbury' when joining the Army and not 'Churchdown' where he was baptised.
With invaluable help from other Forum users, both of their lives have been tracked through to the end with new Ancestors discovered who do not appear on any of the public family trees on sites like Ancestry etc.
As well as other coincidences tying the brothers families together, Williams will provided another link which more than convinced me.
In 1859 William and his family were living in Victoria Street Barton StMary,Gloucester when he wrote his will. One of his Trustees was George Hayes, Bricklayer also of Victoria Street. George Hayes was the husband of Charlotte Toomey, baptised in Churcham on 12th April 1818. Charlotte was Williams younger sister. Shortly before Williams death in Shaw Lancashire in 1883, George Hayes handled enquiries to rent one of the two Providence Villas in Falkner Street mentioned in Williams will and shortly after his death, sister Charlotte Hayes handled enquiries regarding the sale of both Villas.

During the search, quite a bit of information about their movements has been accumulated, including both humorous and sad events.
Rather than waste it by keeping the details to myself, i have been putting it in to writing (amateurishly i admit). Soon to be finished, i will be quite willing to share the result with extended Toomey descendants as well as anyone interested.

Sid Toomey

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