Benjamin GAMMOND m Sarah BENNETT Walford (General)

by slowhands, proud of his ancient Dean Forest roots, Thursday, July 31, 2008, 10:49 (4829 days ago) @ slowhands

so this completes the circle !

Year: 1860
Month: Aug
Day: 5
Grooms_Surname: GAMMOND
Grooms_Forenames: Benjamin
Grooms_Age: full age
Groom_Condition: Bachelor
Grooms_Occupation: Labourer
Grooms_Residence: Walford
Grooms_Fathers_Surname: Gammond
Grooms_Fathers_Forenames: Francis
Grooms_Fathers_Occupation: Labourer
Brides_Surname: BENNETT
Brides_Forenames: Sarah
Brides_Age: full age
Brides_Condition: Spinster
Brides_Occupation: [not stated]
Brides_Residence: Walford
Brides_Fathers_Surname: Bennett
Brides_Fathers_Forenames: George
Brides_Fathers_Occupation: Labourer
Licence_or_Banns: Banns
Date_of_Banns: [not stated]
Signature_or_Mark: both mark
Witness_1: Henry Webb
Witness_2: Mark of Fanny Bennett
Officiating_Minister: T.H. Edwards
Event: Marriage
Register_Reference: AO19/11
Page_Number: 109
Parish_Chapel: Walford

George Bennet abt 1806 Walford, Herefordshire
Elizabeth Bennet abt 1806 Walford, Herefordshire
Elizabeth Bennet abt 1839 Herefordshire, England Walford, Herefordshire
George Bennet abt 1837 Herefordshire, England Walford, Herefordshire
James Bennet abt 1831 Herefordshire, England Walford, Herefordshire
John Bennet abt 1829 Herefordshire, England Walford, Herefordshire
Sarah Bennet abt 1836 Herefordshire, England Walford, Herefordshire

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