William HALE Lydbrook & Charlotte MEEK (General)

by CraigCooper, Monday, August 30, 2010, 13:22 (4069 days ago) @ slowhands

Can I just say a massive thank you for everyone who has pulled this detail together.

My name is Craig Cooper, my Grandmother is Lillian May Creed who was the daughter of Lillian (Lillie on the 1901 Cencus) Lillie was the sister of Eva, Lottie, and Andrew Hale who died Thomas Andrew Hale.

My Grandmother always believed that Andrew was adopted by a family called Lamb, who she believed was a Lord and Lady and owned a Manor House in Wales.

Everything I have found myself and that you have recorded here seems to match up although not sure on the Lord and Lady status.

Thanks again, happy to share anything I have found if needed.

Many thanks Craig

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