Henry Baldwin, Drybrook (General)

by Julie Bradman @, Sunday, February 20, 2005, 12:21 (7059 days ago)

I am currently looking into my grandfathers family history. His fathers name was Henry Baldwin and mother Edith Smith. Henry was born in Drybrook approximately 1865 and Edith in Aston Ingham approx 1867 they were married in 1888 and had two childrn in the forest of dean before moving to Pontypridd sometime between 1997 & 1901 they had another child who was born in pontypridd and shows on the 1901 census. There children were
Thomas 9 Born drybrook
Florence 7 born drybrook
George 3 born pontypridd

My grandfather was born 14th May 1901 Andrew Baldwin.

Edith moved to Leicester with my granddad some time in 1903. She told my grandad that he was from a big family and that all of his brothers and sisters were alot older, so she had left them after her Henry had died in a mining accident.

Some of these facts are untrue and not sure what is true. She died before my grandfather went to work, in a workhouse in leicester. Up until he started work he believed that his name was Smith, but when he needed to show his birth certificate he found out his name was in fact Baldwin. By this time he was unable to ask any questions and died not knowing anything much about his family history.

I have managed to find out quite a bit of information, but there are loads of Baldwin's and Smith's in the area. I would really appreciate if anyone knows anything about what happened to Henry Baldwin and his family, so that we can piece together the truth.

Please e mail me if you have any informtion
Thank you

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