Henry Baldwin, Drybrook (General)

by teresa baldwin, Thursday, November 23, 2006, 08:44 (6303 days ago) @ Julie Bradman

Richard Baldwin married Catherine Ingles on 23 nov 1836 at the parish church aston ingham hereford.Catherine died 16 sept 1838 age 20. they had one child edwin charles baldwin born 23 april 1837 at aston ingham.
edwin married ellen matilda matthews august 8 1858 in westbury parish church
edwin died 1 dec 1893 ross
ellen died 11 april 1868 age 32 newham
alice ann baldwin born 1861
elizabeth born 1863
henry (harry) born 1864
joe born 17 june 1866
edwin charles baldwin second marriage age 33 of harry hill 10 feb 1869 to mary wynn
mary wynn had 2 children from her first marriage who took the name baldwin albert and rossana

Henry had two sons thomas and george
and a daughter rossanna moved to pontypridd i dont know if he married emily kiff.but she was named emily baldwin and adopted the 3 children
henry died age 66 in rhydyfelin pontypridd

joe baldwin married mary ann prosser august 3 1890 at the parish church ruadean
mary had a child mary elizabeth prosser born in gloucester 5 march 1886
joe and marys children
bessie baldwin who married will clemis
ada who born 19 july 1891 married name nolan
alice married name baker
edwin charles born 3 march 1895 married elizabeth m jackson
clara married name davies
ethel married william lloydd

second marrige to bessie harriet jones age 23 at carmel chapel pontypridd on 31 may 1909
percy baldwin married annis jones
joseph baldwin married geridwin griffiths
cathy baldwin married choy chan and john rice
philis baldwin
bessie baldwin
william baldwin born 1916 died 1920
ivor baldwin
katheleen baldwin

joe baldwin died 26 dec 1935 in pontypridd
mary ann baldwin died 3 march 1907 in pontypridd

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