Ann Probert of Monmouth, England (General)

by biddy @, Tuesday, April 11, 2006, 05:26 (6679 days ago) @ Will MacCallum


There is a chance you could be right about the name being Redbrook Farm. There used to be both an Upper and a Lower Redbrook Farm - now renamed Valley House and Lodges Farm - in Newland (see British History Online / Victoria County History Gloucestershire vol 5 / Newland ... map of Newland and Redbrook 1880). As Coleford used to be part of Newland parish it could explain the census.
Also noted from GRO genealogical database a James Probert of Newland plus an Ann Probert (child) listed as Non-conformists. I could have a look next time I'm there if you like - if only to eliminate them.


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