Williams of Pilstone farm Whitebrook (General)

by lorraine, Tuesday, November 23, 2010, 19:04 (4275 days ago) @ May

Dear May,
My great grandfather was Edwin Taylor Williams of Llandogo born 1869 died 1915 and buried at the church in Llandogo.
He was married twice, first to Lydia Mary Moulton (widow) nee Payne,
second marriage to my great grandmother, Mabel (I dont know her maiden name ! ) from Catbrook.

Edwins father was a John Williams from Llandogo, Trelleck. Do you think he was one of the Williams from Pilstone farm and that Edwins grandfather was William Williams ?

A William John Williams is listed as a witness on the certificate of Edwin`s first marriage, in 1893.

I would be ever so grateful if you could give me any more info on the Pilstone farm Williams.

William Williams abt 1831 Trelleck, Monmouth, Wales Head Llandogo
William Williams abt 1856 Llandogo, Monmouth, Wales Son Llandogo
John Williams abt 1865 Llandogo, Monmouth, Wales Son Llandogo

Many thanks Lorraine

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