1914 Newspaper Report ( Hector MEEK) (General)

by unknown, Thursday, March 17, 2011, 11:05 (3405 days ago)

I found this item in an old newspaper and wondered if it would be of interest to any members
More than a usual interest was taken in a sequel to a broken courtship betwen a schoolmaster and a seamstress at Coleford Glos HECTOR GORDON MEEK(formerly an assistant master at Breem school but now of Cheltenham Training College was summoned by HILDA BLANCHE HOWELLS 18 single a dressmaker of Parkend to show cause etc--Complainant a prepossessing young lady said she had kept companywith defendent for over two years Afterwards defendent heard about a case that occurred in Knockly Woods wheN defendent said she was molested by a tramp and then he decided to have no more to do with her --Complainant's mother and sister also gave evidence-- PC Jones said defendent told him that he was prepared to settle the case as it would spoil his prospects in future- The Bench made an order for defendent to contribute 4s per week and also pay £3 15s 7d costs
Pat Hoggard

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