Richard PHILLIPS born Lydney 1817 (General)

by jason750_1, Thursday, April 28, 2011, 00:28 (3432 days ago)


I've just found this site after a days visit to lydney and Aylburton without much luck on my searches and I wonder if anyone can help?

I have traced my Mother's line back to a Richard Phillips born in Lydney in 1817. He is listed as having married a woman named Ann (b. 1808?) but I cannot find her surname. It has been suggested that she may have come from Berkeley originally but I cannot corroborate this.

After having searched the Gloucestershire records office, I have found a surname of Tyler for a woman married to a Mr Phillips that had 3 children (William 1841, Charles 1843, & Jane 1845). This seems to work with the detail I have for the children but I can't seem to get anymore info.

The helpful census records on this site have a Richard Phillips living in Aylburton in 1841 and then Huntley in 1861. These seem to tie in with his age if born in 1817.

The final piece of info I found here this evening is that a Richard Phillips was killed at Parkend on the 21/09/1869 and a Charles Phillips also died there on 10/11/1883.

If anyone can help me get any further info I'd really appreciate it.



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