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The Tufts - Bream Heritage Walks

8 - The Tufts

The building 30 or so metres to the right is now a private house, but once a beerhouse or public houses and was called the Miner's Rest. etc etc.

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An accident in 1864 was widely reported in the press. Stopping in for a drink three young men and their girlfriends were involved in a tragic shooting in the Miners Rest when one of the young men grabbed a gun from the wall and pointed it at another. The third pulled the trigger. Unfortunately the gun was loaded and the third young man, Charles Preest was killed.


His burial is on FOD records

13 October 1864. Charles PREEST aged 16 - residence Bream


British History on Line

'In the Bream area, the Rising Sun, on the edge of the Forest north of the old part of Bream village...... Later lincensed houses in the area included a beerhouse at Bream's Eaves in 1841, the Two Swans in High Street southwest of the Rising Sun in 1869, and the King's Head at Bream Woodside, the Miners' Rest at Bream's Meend, and the Miners' Arms on the Coleford road at Bream Tufts in the late 1870's. etc. etc.

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