William SHURGOLD/Elizabeth NEWMAN (General)

by m p griffiths @, Thursday, January 05, 2012, 20:22 (3180 days ago) @ jean cavanagh

Church of Latter of Day Saints

Marriage at Nunton, Wiltshire, 27 May 1827 - (which isn't far from Bodenham approx 1.2 miles)

William SHURGOLD and Elizabeth NEWMAN

There is a website (can't do the link) - History of Nunton & Bodenham (these are two little hamlets close together)

Christening at Nunton, Wiltshire 20 July 1806 - Elizabeth NEWMAN, parents Richard & Hannah

As I was born in Wiltshire, the accent would pronounce SHERGOLD, SHURGOLD - and there is a great site, with photo's etc of Wiltshire Churches and 'names' including Nunton St Andrew - and Orcheston St George


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