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by jean cavanagh @, Sydney nsw Australia, Sunday, April 15, 2012, 09:06 (3079 days ago) @ unknown

Murray, I decided to try and find out more of Jean Shergold's background and perhaps this way, could find out more about Charles. Given Jean came to Australia, met and married a chinese person. Obviously Charles could speak write and speak english. Therefore educated. Could there be a link back to UK? I then heard from a man who lives in Dural who has told me of the Kears who have gone back to James 1 era living in Forest of Dean (and Kears apparently are still there). So, could Charles father have gone to China (merchant navy?), met and married a chinese woman. Son educated in a Misson Just guessing.

I have had some correspondence from a gentleman in NZ who has done a lot of research into Kears which I am happy to photocopy and send to you. You might be able to pick up on some of the clues and take them even further.

Its so frustrating however, what I havent done is ask for information through National Archives in UK or similar as cousin Helen Murray was recommended to do so. Apparently a lot of old records from Shanghai were sent back to UK.

I guess that is something we must do next.


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