Clearwell Castle (General)

by kay norman @, Monday, February 21, 2005, 08:43 (7087 days ago)

I have a photo of my great grandmother, Sarah Barnett which intriguingly says 'Maid at Clearwell Castle, died 1943' on it. I have never been able to find a birth certificate for SARAH ISOBEL BARNETT despite having the information that she lived in the Forest and was born around 1873. I know this as she married in Gloucester in 1895, annoyingly to another BARNETT (Arthur). Confusion reigns around Sarah as there is a family legend that she was a twin, whose sister died after being struck by lightening - again in the Forest somewhere, and possibly whilst carrying a milk-churn. . .

Myth or reality, the Clearwell Castle connection seems a good place to start if anyone can point me in the direction of records of her employment?

Thanks for any help,


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