Any more info on teh Barnett line ? (General)

by Kay Norman @, Thursday, June 30, 2005, 08:13 (6958 days ago) @ slowhands :-)

Dear Slowhands,

Thanks very much for the info - did you get it all from the Census online?

I know for sure the 1901 family is that of my maternal grandmother - Mabel, so I guess that means the elusive Sarah Isobel (my g-grandmother) must in fact be the Sarah Jane Barnett listed in the 1871, so I've had her middle name wrong all these years. [actually it was the same story on my father's side as my granny was always know as 'May' yet her birth certificate said 'Mary Ann Emma!] However, the transcription of a copperplate 'I' with 'J' has certainly occured for Mabel - who was also called Isabel - so I'm still not sure. . .

This 1881 link I guess shows how Arthur and Sarah met - although having the same surname threw me a bit - maybe they were cousins . . ? However, I know for sure that Arthur's mother was called Maria Baldwin before marriage and young Sarah Jane was a visitor in the Baldwin household the night of the cenus - hooray!

Do you know if any part of the Forest would be 'Chepstow'? Is it Monmouth? I still need to find the correct birth certificate for Sarah Jane Barnett but at least I've got the right name now - I've probably already got her listed in my copious notes as I've been researching this branch of the family for over 15 years on and off!!

Thanks so much for your help with my brickwall. If you hear anything about lightening strikes and milkmaids in the FoD let me know :) !

Kay Norman

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