BBC Open Country - Scowles, mining & quarrying (Announce)

by RogerrGriffiths @, Swindon, Sunday, January 31, 2016, 09:51 (2952 days ago) @ Jefff

Good Morning Jeff,

Nothing of documentary proof re cannon casting at Soudley, only passing references in Wikipedia articles whose value unknown. The drawing of a cannon barrel bore being drilled out in a French forest clearing 18th Century. Crossbar and rope being twisted by 2 or three men from Google images. I didn't download it for keeping. I wonder what was hard enough to be a drill bit, perhaps you know.

We lived in the Dean Heritage Centre between sometime in the 1840's (previously at Ellwood) until 1870 when a new house was built on Bradley Hill.

1851 Census H.O. 107/1959 P35

Geo Hewlett Iron Founder
James Griffiths Iron miner
Thomas Welch Labourer (brother in law to James)
Geo Baghurst Labourer

Not sure Geo Hewletts house still there. Next 3 are what is now Dean Heritage centre. They sent me a site map from 1838.

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