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by Jefff @, West London, Middlesex, Tuesday, February 02, 2016, 00:45 (2951 days ago) @ RogerrGriffiths

You're most welcome Roger, of course.
You probably know or even own Humphrey Phelps' books, particularly his Old Photograph collections. Well, while searching the net tonight I chanced upon this example of perhaps his most informative "reference/text" book, "The Forest of Dean", Amberley publishing.
My pc's search engine actually found this by picking-up on some of the text within the book, I wasn't searching the author or title or even a book per se, how clever is that ! It's good that the internet sales websites are getting better at letting us part-browse the books on line first, altho to my mind nothing beats actually visiting a proper old-fashioned book shop. I know of one seller with a huge collection of local history etc books which he sells online, from his home near berry Hill, but welcomes personal visitors too.

Hopefully this link will work for you too, and helps illustrate what I was saying about the value of internet browsing/searching. By the way this particular book is a modern reprint, with a different coverpage, of one of Humphrey's books from c1982, and it's highly-recommended reading to anyone with an interest in the Forest.

Probably best to open the links into a new window, then click on the "look inside" icon.

This link may work better if the other one does not.

When I first discovered this site's "look inside" facility, I then methodically searched thro all the books I could find under that option, using search terms such as "Forest dean", "Lydbrook" etc etc, hence knew what books to target at my local libraries etc.

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