Herefordshire Marriage Records & websites (Parish Records)

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No problem A, we're all here to help if possible.
Yes, so many FoD enquiries also cross-over into Herefordshire, but sadly that fair county isn't as well blessed with online resources as Glos or Monmouthshire etc. (And very few parts of the British Isles, if any, are as well-served as the Forest is, courtesy of this excellent site of course, me & thee are truly spoilt).
Well done for finding that Herefordshire site and thanks for telling us about it. I've often been surprised what can be found by careful Googling, that's how I first found this FoD site !

One of my favourite sites is Genuki, altho it seems a bit weak wrt Herefordshire (perhaps while it's being redeveloped?), but some of it's pages are very helpful indeed, such as this example for a village I always think of being in Herefordshire, due to it's setting, appearance and fertile red soil, altho in fact it's in Glostershire except when it was once "in" Worcestershire !.

The site is strongly recommended for browsing around the UK, here's the Herefordshire section.

You've probably already found this one too, as mentioned by Graham earlier.

I've recently found this site from an article in a UK Magazine. Just one of it's attractions is the ability to search and download old Hereford newspapers from the Great War years, and all free of charge.

Herefordshire Council site, Family History Research

Herefordshire Council site, History & Archaeology

Several old Trade Directories etc can be found from the link at base of this page. Most are FoD hence Glostershire, but there are some Herefordshire one's too

Many more Directories freely-accessible for England & Wales here, this is the Herefordshire homepage

Some general "Probert Ledbury" etc web-searching gave the following sites;

1950s photos of a Marje Taylor nee Probert at Fair Tree Farm,Ledbury.

Which is from this website of old Ledbury photos, at first glance looks great, lots here !
Perhaps Admin would consider adding to this FoD FH site's Links pages ?

Also worth a look ?

Don't forget, searching this FoD forum will often yield relevant info, and maybe even find researchers sharing your family, past & maybe even present.

atb Jeff

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