Transcripts (Parish Records)

by aussie @, Tasmania, Australia, Sunday, June 12, 2016, 14:09 (2955 days ago) @ Woody

Hi, Thanks for your message. Sorry, I'm not sure 100% on that but unless our Richard married twice (Mary Jordan first) I only know of him marrying Sarah Hosfield/Haffield 1776 Bosbury, Hereford, England. But maybe they were related anyway. I'm doing our research from Tas mania, I think you are closer to the UK. :)

(Admin - I received an error message, apparently the second, third, fourth and fifth letter of the Australian state I live in is a not accepted word, which is really weird because it is preceded by the letter T and ends with nia, so I had to try as space after the first three letter. Please rejig your system to recognise our part of the world!). Thanks, Aussie

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