William Hooper & Lucy Longney married 1817 Arlingham (Parish Records)

by Pegerton, Tuesday, November 15, 2016, 14:49 (2799 days ago)

I am trying to identify exactly where William Hooper came from.
There was an Edward Hooper witness at the marriage.
There are records of a William and Edward born in Churcham (1795 and 1797) to a Thomas and Mary.
There is a record of a Mary Hooper born in Arlingham to a Thomas and Mary in 1807 - this appears to be the first Hooper birth in Arlingham.
I have found a William Hooper in the navy and merchant fleet who gave his birth as 23/2/1798 in Churcham.
There is also a mariner record who gave his birth as Alsingham (sic), Gloucestershire aged 33 in 1831 - probably the same guy.
A mariner called William Hooper ended up in Southampton on the 1871 census - born 1798 in Churcham.
I can't find any birth records for a William Hooper in Churcham in 1798.
Is anyone able to confirm if the 1795 and 1798 Williams are the one and the same?
Thanks for looking

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