CANNING family and their Gamekeepers at Hartpury House. (Parish Records)

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Piece: Q/SO/12 (part)

Deputation to William HOOPER to act as gamekeeper for Hartpury by Robert Carring, Eq. lord of the manor, made 5 February 1816, registered at Quarter Sessions 16 February 1816.

+ a much earlier Jememiah HOOPER also a Gamekeeper


Appears to be a connection between the Churcham and Hartpury HOOPER's through occupation.

I think that should read Robert CANNING at Hartpury House. They were related by marriage to the Crawshay iron-masters of FoD renown. The Canning family built the current House in 1813 and their descendants lived there until after the Great War, when they were so disillusioned by the changes to English social-life & structure that they broke up the Estate and sold the farms to the tenants. In 1948 the House became an agricultural college, and is now a sports college including an important Equine Centre producing Olympic gold medal winning showjumpers.

I only found this out very recently, while researching a friend's tree; to my surprise the only one of his ancestors who moved away from their Lincs & Notts farming homeland was a G-G-Uncle who was Gamekeeper at Hartpury House in the 1911 Census, and remained in north Glos for the rest of his life. My friend was delighted as he is also a countryman still in deepest Lincs who actively enjoys field sports and country pursuits.

More info abt Hartpury House and the Canning family here;

The Lodge where the Gamekeeper lived in 1911 is marked on this 1883 O.S. map. The House is midway up the lefthand edge of the map, the Lodge is east of it near Moor End.

The local pub the Canning Arms was named after the family, it only closed-down relatively recently.

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