James Thomas and Ann J Merriman (Parish Records)

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I’m sure you will have most of this but just in case you don’t,

Not sure about 1841 but it’s the right kind of area and age,

GR 1841 Census, Forest of Dean, Extra Parochial Place named Parkend

Sarah THOMAS, 35, born in county
Amy, 15, born in county
Waltor, 10, born in county
William, 7, born in county
Sarah, 3, born in county
Margaret, 1, born in county
James THOMAS, 20, Iron Miner, not born in county

GR 1851 Census, West Dean, Slad Yorkley

James THOMAS, Head, Mar, 26, Cole Miner, b. West Dean = 1825
Mary Ann, Wife, Mar, 20, East Dean
James, Son, 1, West Dean

GR 1861 Census, West Dean, Bailey Hill,

James THOMAS, Head, Mar, 39, Labourer, b. Parkend, Gloucestershire = 1822
Mary Ann, Wife, Mar, 30, Blakeney Hill, Gloucestershire
James, Son, 11, Yorkley Slad, Goucestershire
Ema, Daur, 4, Blakeney Hill, Gloucestershire
Walter, Son, 2, Blakeney Hill, Gloucestershire

GR 1871 Census, East Dean

James THOMAS, Head, Mar, 48, Engine Worker at Coal Pit, b. Monmouth = 1823
Mary Ann, Wife, Mar, 41, Gloster, Blakeney
James, Son, Unmar, 21, Coal Miner, Yorkley
Walter, Son, 12, Gloster, Blakeney
George, Son, 6, Gloster, Cinderford
Rhoda, Daur, 3, Gloster, Cinderford
Frederick, Son, 1, Gloster, Cinderford

GR 1881 Census, East Dean, Bilson Green

James THOMAS, Head, Mar, 62, Coal haulier, b. Monmouth = 1819
Mary A, Wife, 51, Gloster, Blakeney
Walter, Son, Un, 22, Iron Moulder, Gloster, Blakeney
George, Son, 16, Coal miner, Gloster, Cinderford
Rhoda, Daur, 13, Gloster, Cinderford
Frederick, Son, 11, Gloster, Cinderford
+ 1 lodger

GR 1891 Census, East Dean, Bilson Green

James THOMAS, Head, Mar, 71, Haulier, b. Monmouthshire = 1820
Mary A, Wife, Mar, 61, Gloshire, Blakeney Hill
Walter, Son, Sing, 31, Iron Moulder, Gloshire, Blakeney Hill
Frederick, Son, Sing, 20, Coal Miner, Gloshire, Cinderford

GR 1901 Census, East Dean, Bilson Green

James THOMAS, Head, Mar, 81, b. Monshire, Newland = 1820
Mary A, Wife, Mar, 71, Glos, Blakeney
Walter, Son, Sing, 41, Iron Moulder, Glos, Blakeney
Mary A, Gdaur, Sing, 25, Visitor, Glos, East Dean

GR 1911 Census, Steam Mills, Cinderford, Glos.

James THOMAS, Head, 90, Mar, no occupation, b. Newland Parish, West Dean, Glos = 1821
Mary Ann, Wife, 81, Mar, no occupation, Blakeney Hill Nr Blakeney, Glos
Walter, Son, 51, Sing, Iron Moulder, General Engineering, Blakeney, Glos
60 years married, 10 children, 5 alive
3 rooms in the house


Record_ID: 14347
Entry_Number: 136
Year: 1849
Month: Apr
Day: 8
Grooms_Surname: THOMAS
Grooms_Forenames: James
Grooms_Age: 25
Groom_Condition: Bachelor
Grooms_Occupation: Labourer
Grooms_Residence: Yorkley Slade
Grooms_Fathers_Surname: THOMAS
Grooms_Fathers_Forenames: James
Grooms_Fathers_Occupation: Haulier
Brides_Surname: HALFORD
Brides_Forenames: Mary Ann
Brides_Age: 19
Brides_Condition: Spinster
Brides_Residence: Blakeney Hill
Brides_Fathers_Surname: HALFORD
Brides_Fathers_Forenames: George
Brides_Fathers_Occupation: Sawyer
Licence_or_Banns: Banns
Signature_or_Mark: both mark
Witness_1: Mark of Richard Trigg
Witness_2: Mark of Fanny Charles
Officiating_Minister: Henry Poole
Event: Marriage
Register_Reference: P145 IN 1/20
Page_Number: 68
Parish_Chapel: Parkend

BNA Gloucestershire Chronicle - Saturday 08 October 1921

CINDERFORD CENTENARIAN A Forest of Dean centenarian has just passed away in Mr. James Thomas of Steam Mills, near Cinderford. This fall he would have attained his 102nd birthday. He had lived in the reigns of five sovereigns. He was a true Forester, and retained a recollection as a boy of earning sixpence per day by carrying young trees to the place of planting, and 80 years ago he drove a team of horses as a haulier. He afterwards became a colliery workman, and he sustained an injury about half a century ago which caused his retirement.

The article doesn’t quite square with what looks like the General Register entry but near enough,

GR England & Wales deaths 1837-2007

First Name James
Last Name Thomas
Gender Male
Year 1921
Birth Year 1824
Birth Month
Birth Day
District Westbury on Severn
County Gloucestershire
Country England
Volume 6A
Event Quarter 3
District Number
Page 283
Line Number 150
Entry Number


Record_ID: 249342
Entry_Number: 850
Year: 1921
Month: Oct
Day: 4
Surname: THOMAS
Forenames: James
Residence: Steam Mills
Age_at_death: 97 years
Officiating_Minister: James Lawton Vicar
Event: Burial
Memoranda: In margin Age 102
Register_Reference: P109 IN 1/14
Page_No: 107
Parish_Chapel: Drybrook

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