John Jones b 1656 Whitchurch -Ye Gockett (Parish Records)

by Marky @, Bagshot, Surrey, Monday, July 02, 2018, 11:37 (2213 days ago)

Hi All,
I think I have tracked my forbears back to this John Jones (sometimes recorded as Johannis). Most of my information has come through the the FODFHT parish records.

John (Johannis) Jones was baptised in Whitchurch 6 sept 1656. His father is listed as John, and their residence is noted as Ye Gockett. I've done a bit of map searching but have only found reference to a Pub named Ye Gockett. As I recall it was a few miles SW of Whitchurch. Does anyone have any additional info on Ye Gockett? Was it a village, hamlet or just the Pub?

Also if anyone could help fill out his history I'd be very grateful.
I know he was married to a Jane (sometimes Jana) but no maiden name or marriage details....
I've also found 3 sons and 3 daughters between 1678 and 1698 to a John and Jane Jones - all baptised Whitchurch
I've not found any record of his or her death.

Once again, any pointers would be helpful.

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