John Jones b 1656 Whitchurch -Ye Gockett (Parish Records)

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If you use the Advance system for births/marriages and deaths - and type address as GOCKET - you will find this 'place' is mentioned a few times including 21 April 1642 when Robert PHILPOTT of The Gockett was buried.

Sometimes the residence is listed as

Little Gockett Whitchurch
(Doward) Little Gockett, Whitchurch

and on the 25 May 1862, Sarah GUNTER aged 63 of The Gocket Gt Doward Hill is buried at Whitchurch

On the 1861 census she is on

1861 Herefordshire, Whitchurch, District 5 - page 2 of 10

and the Enumerators Notes say:

District 5:

Part of the Parish of Whitchurch comprising all the houses and cottage on the South East side of Turnpike Road, leading from Monmouth to Rofs to a foot path leading from the old forge - to the Connigar Stile and Summer House - Extending to the Burnt Road and Lords Wood Gate.

(the farm above Doward, Whitchurch on the 1861 census, is Brook House)

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