Hiam family (General)

by Jefff @, West London, Middlesex, Tuesday, October 09, 2018, 18:23 (984 days ago) @ Janet25

Thanks Janet, you're very welcome, I just hope it helps and fits your family.

By pure coincidence while searching this forum'sold threads regarding another post today, I've just stumbled across this very sad tale of a Hyam family in Monmouth. I have no idea whether they are linked to yours but thought it may interest you.


Sad to say accidents of this type involving small children in busy kit-chens were only too common in the past, just as nighttime fires involving bare lamp and candle lights were. This forum and this site's "Inquest" database has seen many similar cases. Indeed, far less serious but still highly distrsssing at the time, my own mother still has a large scold mark down her leg from a similar accident at home in the 1940s.

atb J

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