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There is an old link from 'Slowhands' etc - 24 April 2012

Plump Hill School is, I believe, in Jubilee Road, off Plump Hill, which is now an environmental education centre....

Pump Hill Centre Plump Hill School was opened by the school board in 1878 with 151 places in junior mixed and infants' departments which merged in 1883. More classrooms were added in 1890. The school was closed in 1984, the children being transferrred to schools in Mitcheldean, Littledean, and Westbury-on-Severn. The building was used as an environemental centre.

Googling: Plump Hill Centre Plump Hill School


About us | Oakraven Field Centre

this website has the History of the Building and a photograph of the children who were at Plump Hill School - Class of 1915 and a link to a PDF File on the School dated 1957 - produced by Winifred N Woodruff. (lots of school photographs) - Winifred talks about Dogs Flip & Flop.

On the Sungreen Website - there is a photo of Plump Hill School c1955 with the Headmaster: Mr HUGHES and Headmistress Mrs HUGHES and Dogs: Flip & Flop.


There is a marriage of a Matilda Powell - teacher - on the forum records and on the 1911 census,

Mildred Powell aged 24, single School Teacher, County Council - born Mitcheldean, Glos is living at 17 West St Leominster.

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