Ambrey/Ambury/Ambery (General)

by Rhw, Friday, October 30, 2020, 13:29 (1270 days ago)

Hello, I am researching my husband's family who lived and worked as miners in the Forest of Dean for many years from the middle of the 19th Century. I am particularly keen to find more information relating to the Ambrey (Ambery/Ambury) family recorded as living in Mosley Green, West Dean, in 1871. There is a 14 year old girl, identified as Rodha, on the census, but I can find no trace of her before or after the census...was the name a mistranscription? The surname is spelled differently on various documents, which does not facilitate researching. Her father I believe was James Evans Ambery, , b 1829. The 1881 census which I believe relates to the same family does not include her, but does include a Thirza Mary Ambery, born 1875..could this be her daughter?

I would be grateful for any information on this girl, or indeed any member of her family. Thank you. Ruth

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