Ambrey/Ambury/Ambery (General)

by shepway @, Friday, October 30, 2020, 17:03 (1264 days ago) @ shepway

Further to my earlier note marriages for children are recorded in the Parish Registers:
17 May 1874 James married Carmella MORGAN at Parkend
29 May 1887 Eli married Diana ADAMS at Parkend
11 October 1891 William married Catherine ADAMS at Parkend
11 August 1895 Thurza Mary married Alfred William JONES at Parkend.
13 November 1886 Emily Evans Ambrey married William George WILKINS at Parkend
13 October 1875 Rhoda Evans married Adolphus Ambrey HATHAWAY at Christchurch

At this moment in time I do not know why the name of AMBREY was taken but you will find many entries in the Christchurch and English Bicknor Registers in this name.


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