Benjamin and Ruth Smith's family at Five Acres (General)

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Using the Parish Records search on this site i found that on the 2nd October 1875 Benjamin Smith married Ruth Brown of the Parish of Newland.
Brides Father was Joseph Brown a Blacksmith.
Grooms Father was Edward Smith deceased of Berry Hill
Married in the Parish Chapel Christchurch.

Ruth Chamberlain Brown was Baprtised 29th March 1854.
Residence given as Lower Lane.
Father Joseph Brown
Mother Elizabeth Brown
Baptised at Christchurch Chapel.

In 1841 Census, Joseph and Elizabeth Brown were living at Hillers Land Christchurch.
Occupation Blacksmith.
They have 10 Baptism records on this site with the first child Joseph starting 1st August 1841.

Joseph Brown was born at Walford Herefordshire.
His wife Elizabeth born at Ross Herefordshire.

Using the Ordnance Survey maps on "Know Your Place, Gloucestershire", and the localities, residences mentioned for this family in the Census and Baptism/marriage records, it is possible to get a close idea of where they lived but in the various Census returns there aren't many identifying buildings to pin point it down to a house.

However, in 1854 they were living at "Lower Lane". I believe i have found a "Smithy" marked on a map which should be them, but the lanes aren't mentioned by name so i will check this further.

Does this help ?

The Descendants who came to Newcastle NSW might be harder to find with a common Surname like they have. Also Newcastle and the nearby Hunter Valley have had a lot of coal mining over the years.

Sid Toomey

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