Benjamin and Ruth Smith's family at Five Acres (General)

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Unfortunately i cant find any evidence which would specifically locate your Grannies cottage.
However, as an alternative, would a photograph and directions to physically view your Great/Great/Great Grandparents Lodge be a suitable substitute.
To arrive at this position, I checked out each generation going backwards in time using the Parish Records search on this FOD site. Also crosschecked with Ancestry for Census records etc.
I believe i am correct but it would be worthwhile for you to double check as my wife is fond of reminding me i have been known to be wrong.

Jessie Smith. Baptised 16th June 1892 living at Mitcheldean Lane End.

Great Grandparents.
Benjamin Smith of Berry Hill and Ruth Brown of Parish of Newland.
Married 2nd October 1875
Benjamin baptised 12th December 1851

Great Great Grandparents.
Edward Smith of Berry Hill and Amelia Gwilliam of Berry Hill.
Married 29th October 1843
Edward baptised 14th December 1826 at Hillers Land.

Great Great Great Grandparents
Richard Smith and Mary Thomas.
Married 24th April 1838. at English Bicknor and living at Hillers Land.

The 1841 Census show Richard Smith and family living at Hillersland Lodge with his occupation as "Keeper of Woods"

Hillersland Lodge was also known as "Mailscot Lodge" and is located within Mailscot Woods. On a modern map it is near the Folly Lane /Wysis Way intersection.

For heaps more interesting information, do a search on this Forum for previous posts. "Richard SMITH English Bicknor 1841 Census Look Up" posted by sylviamorgan in 2007 I found most informative.

Read all of the threads to this post. You will find a link to a photograph of the Lodge circa 1900 on "Sungreen". This photo has members of the family out front of the lodge with names attached. There is also another photo on Sungreen with the Lodge and a gathering of Woodsmen from different lodges, also all named.

There is also details of the American connection to the family which you briefly mentioned.

Also there may be some old letters to follow up on.

Also, details of a monumental inscription for Richard Smith on his burial in the local churchyard.

There are most likely other posts on this sites archives to do with this family without even delving into their colliery links. I think that apart from Richard Smith, all of the men were Colliers but this is a broad statement.

Good luck and I hope this is of interest to you.

Sid Toomey.

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