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Dear MPG,
Thanks for most prompt response and I am interested in this William Matthews as he appears to have both the DA / Gloucestershire and the India link. I think this is where I may be able to join the family dots as it were.
Having spent 8 years of my time and at least that by my cousin Bridget we have not been able to identity where our GG grandfather, William Matthews 1818-1871 was born, death certificate state ‘ England ‘ ! so have hit the brick wall of genealogy. However we do know he emigrated from England, was employed by HEIC then ICS and was Superintendent Of The Salt Revenue , Punjab and died in Jhelum . He fathered 7 children, 3 to a ‘ Mary , 2 with a ‘native woman & 2 with a different ‘native ‘ woman.
In William’s will it mentions possible distant cousins in Ghazeepore who were Indigo Planters. A will lodged at Fort William ( HEIC HQ) was found for an Albert Matthews , Indigo Planter in Shahabad District , Bengal Residency, who left his estate to his two sons, Richard Hunt Gregory Matthews and Horatio Nelson Matthews. At time of Albert ‘s marriage, 1828 he was at least 21 so possibly born circa 1807. A baptism found for an Albert Matthews, 5 December 1806 with his father being Captain A N ( Arnold Nesbitt ?) Matthews of Calcutta.

I would be most grateful if you have any information regarding any of the above to get in touch.
Andrew A . Matthews

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