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As you haven't got an envelope next to your name, I can't send you a message.

Down Ampney isn't normally covered by the Forest of Dean Area - it would help if you joined Rootschat, Gloucestershire.

My x Grandad was born in Down Ampney in 1837 - and although marrying and having quite a large family, disappeared off to Chile around 1870ish and never was heard of again leaving my x Grandmother to bring up the children.

Through DNA, we now have close Cousins in Chile and America. My x Grandad even named some of his children after his brother and wife, both with a couple local ladies and later on the children of his wife he married. Through DNA this has been proved.

So, family christian names go through generation after generation. Most important. More often than not, one of their middle names, could be a SURNAME from the female line - or past generations. My Grandad from the Forest of Dean, carried the middle name of BURROWS - which was a middle name for almost 200 years.

There is a website called and this lists populations tables every ten years from 1801. Down Ampney in 1801 had 279 people - (say each household was 6 persons, this equates to about 46 families).

I will go back and look at the tree on Ancestry.


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