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You mentioned that the Court family was involved in shipping before cabinet making. The family sounds prosperous so it would be logical (unless there were black sheep involved as family members) for daughters to be married to another prosperous person or some one in a similar calling. e.g. shipping.

I like the prospect of William Thompson Senior being involved in the seafaring industry. I also realise the following might end up being a dead end.

The following link might provide more clues leading to William Senior. (He is not mentioned in the book at all, but if he were a junior member of the Thompson family, that would account for the omission.

Look up the above website and find a book "Records of Bristol Ships 1800-1838 (over 150 Tons).

In the Index of Ship Owners, page 286 of 296 gives five Thompson/Thomson possibilities.
In the General Index "Newfoundland"is mentioned several times.
"Harbour Grace" prominent seafaring Village in Newfoundland is mentioned on page 57.

Keeping in mind that one of William and Sarah (Court) Thompson was married in Harbour Grace in 1829 (Listing his residence at time of marriage as Bristol. Did he regularly travel between the two places ??) and the birth of a male child happened in 1854 where his occupation was listed as "Clerk" (Was he employed in a Thompson family business??)

On page 112 the ship "Emily" owned by a Thompson visited America during 1860-1868. (Link with Charles??)
On page 37 the ship "Joan" was owned by a John Thompson for a number of years.In 1811 it was recorded as being a "Quebec Trader". (I would wager it used to call in at Harbour Grace. The Ships Master in 1813-1814 was a Duncan Thompson or Thomson.
Page 179 mentions Joseph Thompson and Whitehaven.

None of the above proves conclusively to be William Thompson Senior. I would respectfully suggest keeping a record of all the Thompson names and dates as well as the ships names. You never know these details may start to fit into different generations of Thompson families already known in broad form.

Hope this helps

Sid Toomey

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