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by izzybfw @, Friday, June 11, 2021, 07:12 (1098 days ago) @ sidtoomey01

Interesting theory - the shipping involvement with the Courts was around the 1630s for a number of years, the cabinet makers started with John (as far as i can work out) he was a cabinet maker when he married in the 1750s, but the connect with Grace Harbour is interesting.

My own theory is that Sarah Court married beneath herself - based on 2 wills - her father left money to his grandchildren - William Grimes Court (the one with the property in St Briavels in the 1840s) was left £500 and loads of property in St briavels, another grandson,John Court got £300 and loads of property in Bristol. The Thompson grandchildren got - William £100, and the other 4 got £50 with no property at all. No mention of William senior other than being the husband of his late daughter.

Also in her brother Williams will written before she died, she was left dividends from a trust fund (his will was 15 pages long and very difficult to read) with the proviso that her current husband or any future husbands had no right to these), again no other mention of William senior.

The connection with Cumbria/whitehaven where there was a ship building family called Thompson and the fact that William Junior ended up there is worth further research.

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