Wiltons of Newland (General)

by ddambly, Friday, June 25, 2021, 16:22 (1124 days ago) @ grahamdavison

Thanks for your reply! Yes I realised later I'd made an error on the date of 1788.
I had looked at that Henry and Sarah connection but then found that their son James died in 1836 or so so it couldn't be my fellow who died in 1847.

My biggest quandary seems to be where James was born - I've tried Ancestry for those approximate dates for the entire United Kingdom and found nothing that seems likely. Since he is listed as Not being born in the county of Gloucestershire in the 1841 census, I had hoped Glamorgan would be likely as he liked there with his wife Martha prior to 1800.

I'm thinking he was connected perhaps by family to a metalworks first in Whitchurch and then in Newland - so I suppose a possibility would be Staffordshire or Lancashire.

Many thanks for looking at this!

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