Marriage of Albert Edward Prosser (General)

by joe guttridge, Wednesday, October 27, 2021, 15:48 (960 days ago) @ probinson

Thank you for this. I have the various marriage records for the family, but many thanks. What I can't find is refrence to Alfreds war service, beyond knowing he was in the Devonshire regiment & had the clasp & roses medal, signifying that he was "over there" in France at the earliest stage of the war. I have found an electoral record that suggests he was still in Primrose Hill, Lydney in 1926 & other documents suggesting he was discharged with some disability & that his younger brother Harvey Charles Prosser was somehow his "guardian". I was rather hoping somene local to lydney may know of his burial place &, [ossibly, the circumstances of his death.
His wife, Ada, died presumably whilke he was on active service & left a son, Thomas, whom I believe was looked after by his eldest siter Isobel Charlotte.Tom was born in 1915, I knew him well, in fact his son is one of my oldewst friends. I am trying to find out what I can about Toms upbringing.I am not sure he knew his father, but it is a delicate subject & I would like to be able to put some certainty around his early life.

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