Edith Kear 1823-1906 and William John Kear 1820-1888 (General)

by Helen r Phillips @, Wednesday, February 23, 2022, 18:44 (728 days ago) @ billcs777

You are distantly related to my husband as you share 4x great grandparents, Enoch and Mary (Baldwin) Kear.

From the research I have done I thought that Edith was unmarried when she had Caleb as I have never found any marriage record for her and on both 1851 and 1861 she is living with her parents and listed as unmarried. I think the Enoch referred to on his baptism record (1858) is an error and refers to his grandfather.

I have found no record of a William John Kear but he is unlikely to be a first cousin as Enoch Kear was the only surviving son of Enoch Kear (Snr) and Hannah Hakwins, their only other son William died as a baby, the rest of their children being girls who married into various other forest families.

I am happy to share further information with you if you wish to contact me directly.

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