Edith Kear 1823-1906 and William John Kear 1820-1888 (General)

by billcs777 @, Wednesday, February 23, 2022, 21:24 (816 days ago) @ Helen r Phillips

Hello Helen, thank you for your reply. I would be happy to discuss and share information with you about the Kears.

I am aware that there are some Phillips descendants from Enoch & Mary Kear! My descendants are: Enoch & Mary Kear > Edith Kear > Caleb & Mary Ann Kear > Richard and Elizabeth Kear > Annie Kear & James Smith - the latter were my grandparents.

Yes it does seem to be quite a puzzle about where the information about William John Kear came from. I have it from a long time ago passed down to me from distant Kear relatives in Yorkshire, and it is also in a family tree by David Richards which has been discussed years ago in this thread: https://forest-of-dean.net/fodmembers/index.php?mode=thread&id=5835#p7553. While the conclusion may be that he could have been the father and never married Edith, I can find no trace of him either. An Ancestry tree I found when I had access to that software had him listed with a death date of May 9, 1888, but I can find no record of that in the GRO.

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