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According to the 1859 Medical Register, Joseph Abell's medical qualifications were that he was "in practice before 1815".
This Joseph also owned a house or part of one at St Aldate House, St Aldate Street Gloucester. I think his Son John William Robert Abell might have been born there. Any mention regarding Aldgate Street i have seen still refers to "Joseph Abell of Micheldean"..

Regarding Joseph Abell's Army Service, Gazette notices from 1813 mention that he went from 95th Foot to 49th Foot to 60th Foot.

More leads on Joseph Abell's (The ex Army Surgeon) parents. Looks promising but i haven't cross checked this information.
Father : Thomas Abell Died 17th September 1815 in Gloucester.
Mother : Anne Harris, died 8th June 1833 aged 72. in Gloucester .
Among his siblings there was a brother Thomas who was a Lieutenant in the Army and died at Masulipatam on 17th September 1835. He was buried in Madras. Baptised 21st April 1793 at St Thomas Gloucester.

There is an old Forum online where members were asking about
Thomas the Soldier and relating the queries to a transcription on a vault in the cemetery. His Father and Mother are recorded on the vault there as well.

Should keep you out of trouble

Sid Toomey

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