DAVID WATKINS, widower, married Newland 1806 (General)

by Little Patch @, Saturday, April 02, 2022, 22:31 (845 days ago) @ MPGriffiths

Thank you so much for your reply and especially for the tip about using the advanced search to look at witness names. I can't think why I didn't notice this before, it will be really useful in my research into some very common names.

I know that Frances Neat(e) was baptised at Skenfrith in 1762 as Frances Edwards. She married in Bath and was widowed in 1795. Three of her five children turned up in Monmouthshire and at least two of her grandsons eventually settled in the Forest of Dean.

Thanks to this site, I came across the marriage to David Watkins and there the trail goes cold.

I will look into the two marriages you found and delve a bit further into the Watkins of Newland.

Much appreciated.

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