The Tovey name in the Forest of Dean (Parish Records)

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Hi Martyn

thanks for your reply.
For some reason i cant bring up and member of this Tovey family in the 1911 Census for Abertillery , Wales.
Also Ancestry doesn't have the 1921 Census.
To help me, would you mind sending me a transcription of the family member details in each of those Census.
In particular, Age, Place of birth, street address and the heading at the top of the Census page plus page number so that i can go through the census book to find out why my search doesn't produce it.

1901 - 71 Somerton Road Newport

William E, 28, Gloucester
Annie M, 23, Blakeney
Violet M E, 5, Gloucester
Eric F, 3, Newport

1911 - 2 Park Villa Abertillery

William, 38, Gloucester
Annie, 32, Blakeney
Violet, 15, Gloucester
Eric, 13, Newport

1921 - Abertillery

Annie, 43, Hagloe, Blakeney
William, 49, Gloucester
Eric, 23, Newport
Leslie, 13, Whitchurch, Cardiff

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