Daniel Fowler b. 1685 Kings Stanley (General)

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Apart from the records for the FOWLER's in Kings Stanley on this site.....

Have you looked under the heading : RESOURCES which has Gloucestershire Marriage Allegations 1637-1837 and Marriage Bonds 1720-1823 (best not put in residence as King Stanley is spelt at least 3 different way.

Daniell FOWLER - residence: King Stanly - 1670

6 August 1670

Daniell FOWLER - Widower
Rank/Profession: Clothier
King Stanly

Margarett CHEDWICK - Widow
King Stanly

by Licence
He signs

2 March 1682

Daniell FOWLER - aged 21 (so c1661, before the marriage above))
Bachelor, Clother
residence: Kingstanly

Ann GARDNER, aged 21
residence: Strowde
By Licence: He signs.
Event type: Marriage Allegation

Memoranda: at Strowde, Stanley Regis, Bisly or the College *
*think this means the wedding could take at any of these places.

Transcriber's Notes: Old style date 1681/2


8 May 1725

Daniel FOWLER, aged 30 (so circa 1695)
residence: King Stanley

Sarah CLUTTERBUCK, aged 23, Spinster,
residence: Eastington

By Licence:
He signs

Marriage Allegation: Sworn before Nath Lye

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