Daniel Fowler b. 1685 Kings Stanley (General)

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Regarding the earlier marriage between: Daniel FOWLERand Anna GARDNER

Held at Gloucestershire Archives.

Marriage Settlement (1) Daniel FOWLER of Kings Stanley, Clother (2) Anna Gardner, Spinster, (daughter of Sarah GARDNER of Stroud, Widow and Nathaniel GARDNER, deceased (3) Giles GARDNER, their son.


Men in Armour for Gloucestershire 1608 (on the Net)


Richard FOWLER, tucker A40 (age around 40) middle stature, trained
the said Richard FOWLER and others do find one musket with the furniture
Ferdynado FOWLER son of Richard FOWLER. A20 (age around 20) lower stature


Kings Stanley Marriage 1573-1667 - are also on the Net.

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