Edith Kate Virgo and her husband George Cooper Williams (General)

by Nick Dub @, Sunday, January 08, 2023, 20:48 (521 days ago)

I have found records of these two people up to 1904, but nothing later.

Edith Kate Williams (née Virgo) was born in 1881. She got married in December 1902 in Drybrook to George Cooper Williams, born 1868.

In 1903, they had a son, Edwin Walter Williams, born in Drybrook, later adopted by Fred and Charlotte James who lived in Upper Soudley.

I know that in 1921 Edwin was still living in Soudley and working underground at a colliery.
The last I can find of his parents is a press report in 1904 of an action brought by his mother against his father for not supporting her, i.e. she had no money.

George Cooper Williams came from a large family which had lived for a long time at Ellwood. He was a railway worker, and I believe had been married previously.

The best explanation I can come up with is that they moved, either out of the area or may be abroad.

Any new ideas or information welcome.


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