Edith Kate VIRGO 1880 George C WILLIAMS 1868 JAMES family (General)

by Nick Dub @, Tuesday, March 28, 2023, 16:43 (472 days ago) @ slowhands

That's brilliant Slowhands - you're a Trojan.

Assuming the deaths are those of the Edith Kate I was looking for and her husband George Williams, then that info completes the picture - rather a sad one.

Edith Kate Virgo was informally adopted by her older sister Charlotte and her husband, Fred James. When Edith was older, she married George W after his first wife died. I suspect they may have met because both Fred and George worked on the railways. Their son Edwin Walter Cooper Colter Williams was born in 1903. In a repeat of history Edwin was given to the James's to bring up around 1908.

My mother, then about 6, stayed with the James's and Uncle Sam Virgo in 1917 after her father was blinded at Ypres. She writes about all of them including cousin Edwin in her book.

On the 1921 census, Edwin was still living with the James's at the gatekeeper's cottage in Upper Soudley, and working underground with the pit horses at the Eastern United colliery, near Cinderford. I don't know what happened to Edwin after that - Williams is too common a name to make researching it easy.

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