Abednego TIPPINS - Deja vu (Urgent)

by Mac74, Tuesday, January 31, 2023, 16:17 (237 days ago) @ slowhands

Hi there
Great find thankyou so much????
Thats what i was thinking they may of settled in Forest years back in researching both me Mum and Dads side it seems that many years ago quite a few families in Cotswolds and Forest of Dean maybe a combination of a welcoming population alot of agricultural work the area being rural etc it seems many worked in the Tin mines or Forest not all Gypsies travelled not all that travelled where Gypsies i found this marriage between a Barnard and Smith with a Baldwin as witnessbut again cant say if they were originally Gypsies i think you may be right being as first record of Romany in UK was about 1549 many families could of been on road hundred or so years and still settled in 1600 1700s
Thanks so much for everyones replies on my topic so far
Really appreciated

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