Thomas WORGAN born 1813 Five Acres (General)

by Nick Dub @, Saturday, April 08, 2023, 15:34 (437 days ago) @ slowhands

Hi Slowhands,

Yes the marriage you found is the right one :-

1852 Q4 Wolverhampton
Thomas Worgan and Mary Ann Haspy ( is this Astbury ?)

First name(s) Mary Ann
Spouse's father's first name(s) John
Last name Haspy
Spouse's father's last name Worgan
Birth year 1823
Denomination Anglican
Age 29
Place Wednesfield, St Thomas
Residence Wednesfield
County Staffordshire
Year 1852
Country England
Date 28 Nov 1852

The father's surname is variously spelt Aspy, Haspy and Astbury. They were all illiterate, so the spelling was left to whoever wrote the certificates.

I have a copy of what I think is the Parish register entry for the marriage, not much extra info on it.
TW bachelor 39, MAH spinster 29 - TW a collier, his father a miner, Samson Haspy a farmer - bride and groom both living in Wednesfield. Married by banns - both mark rather than sign. The witnesses are John Naylor and Harriet Naylor.

Thanks for having a look at this for me.

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